Alon Kaplan (IL)

Composer and Sound designer for Films, Video Games, Theater and Multimedia.
Graduated “Rimon school of Music” Film Scoring and Arranging department – Israel.
In the past few years I’ve been working with companies such as – Samsung, Side-Kick, Compedia, Product Madness, BabyFirstTV and many more. Composing more than 40 films and more than 50 video games from most of the genres and platforms.  My goal is to find the unique sound each project needs. Every film, video game etc’ comes from a different world which I enjoy researching and investing time in.

Workshop details:

Title: Adaptive Music in Unity 3D using Triple Adaptive plugin

Date: Apr 11, 4:10 pm

Description: Creating adaptive music systems within unity 3D engine using the new music and sound plugin: “Triple Adaptive”. During the workshop we will build a few music systems using the plugin – a music layers system, a cues matrix system and a stingers system. We will test the systems with actual music cues that will be available for use especially for the workshop. No composing will be involved, the music will be ready in advance for testing the systems that will be built. 
 Length: 60 minutes

Intended audience: Unity developers, Musicians, Sound Designers, everyone.

Experience level: Intermediate

Tools participants should bring (software, hardware, etc.): Laptop with unity up-to-date installed, headphones.

Minimum/maximum number of participants: 4-12