Bojan Endrovski (MK)

Bojan Endrovski is a developer and co-founder at Game Oven. For the last three years he’s been developing a small multiplatform engine that powers all Game Oven’s games. Mostly, because he loves tinkering with gameplay, rendering, physics and occasionally even audio. Over the years Bojan has also worked on a number of military and civil simulation systems, just to keep himself from having too much fun.

Workshop details:

Title: Cooking with Game Oven, Assorted Recipes

Date: Apr 10, 11:40 am

Description: We will bake a small experimental mobile game using Game Oven’s engine. The ingredients for this game will be: flexible and compact gameplay, smart resource management, touch GUI, carefree animation, font rendering, easy localisation and tweaking using hot-reloading. We will also share some tips from our kitchen, like handling different resolutions with ease, leveraging modern C++11 and other stuff that can sweeten your life even if you are not getting dirty with your own game engine. For each of the topics we will go under the hood and look into the relevant parts of the engine (source code will be made available).

Length: 120 mins

Takeaways: Insight into the inner workings of one game engine and how to put it to use.

Intended audience: Game Developers/Programers with some C/C++ knowledge

Experience level: Intermediate

Tools participants should bring: Preferably a Mac computer with Xcode installed, alternatively a Linux computer with Eclipse, Android SDK and NDK installed.

Maximum number of participants: 12