Computadora (DE)

COMPUTADORA is the biggest old school computer nerd ever with an attitude; he spent most of his life busy with the underground computer scene and his current quest as a DJ is to bring to the public the obscure music of the Commodore Amiga demoscene. Equipped with a computer or two and an Amiga music modules collection of over 75.000 tracks, he selects and mixes the best tunes from the .mod scene; this archive is a huge and untapped source of underground music made by sceners of the 90s that for the most part hasn’t been played outside the demoscene circles. His Amiga DJ sets are very evocative and emotional with a true 80s vibe, usually mixing together Retro-Futuristic SynthPop, Digital-Funk, Chillwave, Midi-jazz or chiptune and accompanied by a VJ set of vintage computer graphics that sets the right visual tone. If the party needs it, the set usually goes in the club direction with classic 90s House, Electro, Techno and Jungle.