Dajana Dimovska (MK)

Dajana Dimovska is CEO and Producer at KnapNok Games, a game studio working on digital party games where players have to communicate, look at and touch each other. She is also a co-founder of Copenhagen Game Collective, with the agenda of developing and promoting experimental and underground games.


Talk details:

"Hear me talking about Copenhagen Game Collective and why you should have one in your region"

Copenhagen Game Collective is a multi-gender, multi-national, non-profit game design collective. The members of the collective create and support an environment for alternative and experimental game development in Copenhagen and beyond.

It took us some time to structure the collective and turn it into an organized idea and space that has influence and lobby power in our region and beyond. Come and hear about the beginnings of the collective and the various projects, activities and initiatives that we are working on.

I hope my talk will inspire some of you to start a collective in your own region and collaborate with us and other collectives in the world.