David Calvo (FR)

David has been a writer, cartoonist and game designer for all his life. His whimsical work, inspired by spirituality and nature, has been published around the world, both in analog and digital format. He currently works across Europe, in a quantum state of happiness.


Talk details:

"The Never Tree"

Drawing and playing. The choice once was, but no more. Not made for the world of comic books, no, always wanting more than panels. Yet, craving for the integrity of the page, sequences. Hoping for a singular mode of expression, at the threshold. Playfulness was the exit sign : a peaceful interactivity, where a flower, a gesture, could bloom, in a perpetual loop of mysteries, of gentleness. Sparks of creativity shot across the digital sky. Little birds, really, landing on an imaginary tree, where essence meets numbers. A forest of chirpings, an affectionate anarchism. My punk rock.