Dennis Kogel (DE)

Dennis Kogel is a Berlin-based journalist and radio host. He talks about games for public youth radio Fritz and is an editor at the German indie games blog Superlevel. His articles have been published by Spiegel Online, Kill Screen, Zeit Online, Gamestar, WASD and others. He likes cute dogs and board games.

Dennis Kogel will be in conversation with Jonathan Blow on April 10th and take part in the panel discussion about video game writing / journalism on April 11th.

How do game designers go about designing puzzles? And what makes a puzzle good? With platformer Braid (2008), Jonathan Blow has created some of the most intricate and well put together puzzles in games based around the manipulation of time. With The Witness, Blow aims to create a giant, explorable island full of mysteries and puzzles. In this hour long interview with Dennis Kogel, Jonathan Blow will talk about designing puzzles for The Witness and Braid and the challenges of puzzle design in general.