Erkki Trummal (EE)

Erkki Trummal is the design mind behind ''Disunion - The Guillotine Simulator''. He enjoys exploring controversial ideas and experimenting with different forms of self-expression. He's currently working and studying at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Workshop details:

Title: Transgression - Connecting virtual, physical and emotional realities

Date: Apr 11, 11:00 am

Description: This is an experimental design workshop where we're going to work together and explore alternative ways of connecting virtual reality with with bodily sensations and emotions. Because of the limited timeframe, the emphasis of the workshop will not be on technical implementation but on generating new designs and communicating them to others.

Length: 60 minutes

Takeaways: Alternative ways of thinking about designing virtual reality experiences.

Intended audience: Anyone curious about exploring ways of expression through virtual reality.

Experience level: Are you looking forward to creating a virtual reality experience but are out of ideas? Then this is the workshop for you!

Tools participants should bring (software, hardware, etc.): Since there are many possible ways of communicating your designs to others it's up to you which tools of expression you use. It can be a your laptop, tablet, pen and paper or something else.

Minimum/maximum number of participants: min 8. max 20