The workshop will be held by Sabine Harrer, Ida Marie Toft and Emil Lundedal Hammar (see Artists section for bios)

Workshop details:

Title: har:d! (harassment:debate!)

Date: Apr 10, 4:00 pm

Description: Participants of the har:d!* workshop will be part of a playful role playing experiment revolving around a recent case of online harassment in the games industry. During har.d, “the internet”, consisting of two parties with clashing opinions and an anonymous jury, will come to life in the shape of workshop participants. Armed to the teeth with convictions, personal interests and other stuff, both teams will engage in an epic offline fight about harassment. Their efforts will be judged by a relentless jury, and there can only be one winner…

*i.e. harassment:debate!

Takeaways: Gain a deeper understanding of sexual harassment as a problem in the games community. Walk in someone else’s shoes or tighten your own laces.

Intended audience: All ages, genders and races.

Experience level: Being alive.

Tools participants should bring: A willingness to debate. Possibly an opinion of their own. Hats encouraged. Other materials to be provided.

Length: 120 minutes

Minimum/maximum number of participants: 15/50