InkLand is a 2D puzzle game. It is developed for iPad, making use of the screen size and gesture recognition for gameplay. Your characters are small, though rather innovative. The five, small, minion type characters can combine themselves in rare ways to move through the levels.

The game lends itself to adventure, being steeped in a world made of dark ink lines and populated with ink blobs they can collect. The minions can form themselves into a tower, ball and a bridge. They do this to perform different tasks; each action has a sweet and concise animation to keep the user entertained and active.

On occasion, walls block the user. These walls are color coded and linked with corresponding levers. If a lever is triggered, the walls roll in or out. The user must find which way to combine levers and their abilities to solve each situation. With the two of these working together it takes a few moments of puzzle solving to make sure you know which way to go.

The art style is shaped to be very cute and entertaining. The voices emphasise the cuteness and these two aspects keep children very entertained. The game is not just for children, however, and adults feel the same sense of entertainment when playing the game.

Each of these mechanics in the game are introduced slowly ramping using consecutive levels, even though the tutorial explains them all. Our aim is to keep the users intrigued while they obtain the right amount of satisfaction in learning their new skills.

InkLand has received a great deal of good feedback from our first set of levels. Individuals from the game industry have played it and have told us InkLand is quite unique, we hope many feel the same.

Casual game, Puzzle game, iPad
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