Jessica Curry (UK)

Jessica is a BAFTA nominated composer and Co-Director of The Chinese Room. She spends much of her time writing music that makes people cry. She was responsible for the Dear Esther score (for which Jessica won Best Audio at the TIGA awards, a G.A.N.G. award as well as being a finalist for Best Audio at the BAFTA's, IGF Excellence in Audio and the Music+Sound awards.)

Her Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs score is currently receiving a hugely positive reaction from fans and critics alike and has won Best Audio at this years TIGA awards. 

She's now working on The Chinese Room's forthcoming PS4 title Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and Tale of Tale's game, An Empty World and she still can't quite believe that she gets to do what she loves every day. Other organisations that have tolerated Jessica's sad music in the past include The Royal Opera House, Welsh National Opera, Arts Council England, PRSF, Prix Ars Electronica and The Royal Society of Arts.

Talk details:

"Composers and Devs: Recipes for a Successful Marriage"

This talk will be about how composers and developers can best communicate with each other.  I'll explain how we do things at The Chinese Room and how we ensure that audio is at the core of everything that we do. Hopefully this will be interesting and beneficial to devs, composers, audio people and anyone else who believes that sound and music have the ability to make a good game great.