Jonatan Van Hove (BE)

Joon is a game designer and grassroots arcade builder living in Copenhagen. With Glitchnap, he is working to bring local multiplayer games to events around the globe, with custom built installations and games. Since his arcade-talk at GDC Europe, he’s taken part in the first Arcade Jam in London.

This workshop is now full! If you're interested in participating and didn't manage to reserve a spot, please show up at the registration desk (right at the entrance of The WYE) 10 minutes before the workshop is starting, and ask if there are any last-minute spots available.

Workshop details:

Title: Burn the keyboard: Build your own custom controller.

Date: Apr 10, 11:40 am

Description: Most digital experiences are confined to keyboard, mouse and gamepad, or with complicated and expensive electronics. In this workshop, you will find out how remarkably easy it is to build something physical, that can interact with games and all other interactive jazz. With inexpensive raw materials like arcade buttons, joysticks, duct tape and cardboard, together we will create three custom controller installations that will be exhibited for the rest of the festival. After an introduction and a short talk about existing projects, you'll get to designing and building something unique, and the workshop hosts will be there to help you out when things get too technical. Let's build a racecar, a joystick-cowboy-hat, maybe just the world's largest joystick,... or whatever we come up with.

Length: 120’+

Takeaways: Building shit is easy and great.

Intended audience: All ages, anybody who's aching to get their hands dirty.

Experience level: Can you dual wield ducttape and a boxcutter, while biting down on a screwdriver? Then this is a workshop for you.

Tools participants should bring (software, hardware, etc.): Any old (or new) computer hardware you have can become part of your new custom game controller. Old keyboard, mouse, USB cables, screens, computers, or any other appliances that you'd like to make into game controllers: toasters, tin breadboxes, ... There will be a minimum of hardware provided by the organizers.

Minimum/maximum number of participants: ~20