Karel Millenaar (NL)

Karel Millenaar is game designer and owner of FourceLabs and also is employed as a researcher at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam. He uses game and play design as a way to help people solve real world problems. He’sdoing projects on the fringes of games, art and research for over 5 years trying make games and playful applications that empower people to change their world. He’s versed in the ways of game design theory, knows his way around physical prototyping and uses whatever technological means available to create the most powerful experiences.




This workshop is now full! If you're interested in participating and didn't manage to reserve a spot, please show up at the registration desk (right at the entrance of The WYE) 10 minutes before the workshop is starting, and ask if there are any last-minute spots available.

Workshop details:

Title: AC/DE

Date: Apr 11, 11:00 am

Description: A practical workshop to come up with new approaches in narrative design for open worlds. It’s an effort to breath in new life into the age old discussion between games and stories. Instead of superficially looking at the differences between games and stories, we will delve deep into their structures and try to marry elements together that form meaning.This workshop is part of the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam effort to bridge the gap between academic research and design. The workshop is based on the dissertation of dutch researcher Conny Veuge who dived into the narrative structures and techniques and video games.

Length: 240 minutes

Takeaways: New concepts, approaches to design narrative structures for games

Intended audience: Game Designers

Experience level: Intermediate

Tools participants should bring: Pen, paper, notebook, creative tools

Maximum number of participants: 8