Martin Kvale (NO)

Martin Kvale works with sound design for games and is most known for last years “The Plan” and the upcoming “Among The Sleep” both from Krillbite Studio. He loves working with minimalism in delicious handcrafted ambiences and sound design and the ways to enhance the games through his sounds.

Workshop details:

Title: This is how we do it

Date: Apr, 3:00 pm

Description: Join Joonas Turner and Martin Kvale as they show you how to create video game sounds from scratch and show ways of making the uninteresting into interesting!

Length: 60 minutes

Takeaways: no (except knowledge)

Intended audience: everyone, a bit of audio talk though

Experience level: most info for beginner -> medium

Tools participants should bring: none

Minimum/maximum number of participants: 1 - 50