Patric Catani (DE)

Breaking musical rules and creating new futuristic worlds that skip between rough electronic spheres, soundtrack melodies, 8bit bass, rap and slight memories of the abstract electro and acid school. Starting with 16 releasing records produced on the Amiga Computer, he still is notorious for his tracker enthusiasm and has managed to transport his vision of music with all it´s facets to a broader audience during the years. You will sense the smell of Catani in all of his productions no matter which genre comes to his mind in this particular moment. An undisciplined and raw analog force filth in dialogue with a full blast of satiric laughter and the uncontrolled power of a dropout dadaist maniac of music.

By now Patric Catani is involved in the production of about 80 releases and he never stopped exploring new fields of music and sound art. His productions include work for Puppetmastaz, Xberg Dhirty6 Cru / ILL TILL, Fraktus, Driver & Driver, Angie Reed, Max Turner, Gonzales and many more. .