Paul McGee (IE)

Paul McGee is a game creator from the far west coast of Ireland, and a maker of titles you haven’t played yet. Such as: One More Cup of Coffee, a river journey controlled by improvising music; Fuaim, a runner-up for BAFTA Scotland's New Talent in Games award; Space Whale; Bayou; and most recently Train Song.

Talk details:

"Fear of Time"

Today what is seen as the most valuable is the measurable. We are engineering the world and our lives such that we can extract the highest possible numbers from them. Every second has to be put to the most possible use. We're not simply afraid to ever not be engaged and externally stimulated, most of us simply can't do it anymore. I'll talk about why this lead to not only less complex and rich games, it leads to less complex and fulfilling lives. I'm going to talk about how if we want to move our work beyond manifesting surface impressions, we need to not only embrace space and time, we need to embrace and respect the audience's own individuality and experience. I will very briefly shine a lamp past a host of interconnected and messy ideas on the wall, before, in the end, I finally give in and try to return to speaking terms with Time.