Pedro Lopes (PT)

Pedro is a PhD student of Prof. Patrick Baudisch's Human Computer Interaction lab in Hasso Plattner Institut, Berlin. Pedro investigates future interfaces that read & write directly to the user's body, such as muscle-interfaces. A believer on the unification of art and research, often gives talks about it [BodyControlled, Campus Party 2013]. Makes and writes music using turntables [in eitr]. Enjoys writing about music [in magazine] and tech [as digital content editor at ACM XRDS].

Talk details:

"Muscle-Propelled Games: playing games through our bodies"

Our research points out that "feeling forces" is the next step for increased realism in human computer interfaces, and a way of creating very small mobile devices. For a long time, the key to immersion in interactive experience and games was sought in photorealistic graphics. Now, interfaces and games became more immersive by requiring us to physically enact, such as with Wii or Kinect. With graphics and user interaction now part of many games, many researchers argue that haptics and motion are the next step towards increasing realism. However, when it comes to output, we have nothing more than vibrating buzzers, such as the ones that make our smartphones vibrate. In this talk, we show compelling new ultra-mobile technologies that provide exciting haptic feedback. Our approaches achieve a low hardware footprint by leveraging use our own muscle power! We will demonstrate several projects that allow for interaction to become more immersive.