Spine: 2D animation for games

The workshop will be held by Nathan Sweet.

Workshop details:

Title: Spine: 2D animation for games

Date: Apr 11, 2:00 pm

Description: Break free from traditional frame-by-frame animation, which is both time consuming to create and quickly balloons in size. Spine is a dedicated 2D skeletal animation tool for making games. This workshop will walk you through creating animations in Spine, as well as how to integrate your animation into a simple game.

Length: 120 minutes

Takeaways: Spine brings your games alive with skeletal animation.

Intended audience: Programmers, animators and graphic artists.

Experience level: Any

Tools participants should bring (software, hardware, etc.):

1) Laptop: Windows, Mac or Linux with support for OpenGL 2.0+ (the Spine download will be provided during the workshop)

2) Mouse: not required, but Spine is harder to use with a touchpad

3) Download and install "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers": www.eclipse.org/downloads/packages/eclipse-ide-java-developers/keplersr2 (only required for the coding part at the end, where you bring the animation you made into a game)

Maximum number of participants: 20