Zwoboter (german for "Twobot") is the title for a series of experimental arcade games that make use of a color control mechanism.The color controls are developed following Itten's "Farbkreis" (Color Circle) design. The Zwoboter arcade devices have six color control buttons for each of the two players. Two Zwoboter devices have been built so far. The first prototype is a gamepad with twelve buttons. Zwoboter number two is a tabletop arcade with buttons and a build-in monitor. In the first Zwoboter game, players have to control a "Farbkeis" by pressing the color buttons.The player who manages to make most points by hitting a sphere which is the main game object, wins the game.

Hardware Prototypes

Zwoboter 01 was the first prototype to test the idea of color controls. This gaming device is a small case with 6 buttons for each player that can be connected to any computer with Zwoboter software. The case is covered with skateboard griptape on both sides wich stands in contrast to the smooth arcade buttons. The second Zwoboter device is a tabletop arcade with built-in tft-monitor, built-in speakers and color control buttons for both players. The device is about 90cm long and 40cm wide and fits on any table. The Zwoboter game is installed on a Mac Mini that is inside of the case.


In the first Zwoboter game players have to hit a sphere and must avoid obstacles and bumpers on the corner of the screen. The player objects are color hexagons that move away from the color that is pressed on the arcade buttons. The player with the highest score wins. Several other games are in planning so that soon a wider range of color control games will be available for the Zwoboter.

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