Skies of Saturn

Skies of Saturn is a collaborative project by FourceLabs, Gray Lake Studios, Tapage and YvdB. The game explores the themes of discovery, natural growth and the interplay between life and death in a vast and open world, which is different every time you play.

The winds of Saturn will carry you, and you can use your sail to get to new and unexplored places. What life will wait you there? In procedurally generated abstract worlds, you will have to discover all these things for yourself. Go on a trip, and see where it will take you. You won’t live forever, but there are ways to continue your journey from where you left off.

Sound design is an integral part of Skies of Saturn. The music and sound in this game will change with you, and make this a world you want to dive into. The compositions are never exactly the same, which makes every journey a new one.

Flying Exploration
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