Urban Spree

Urban Spree is a 1700 sqm artistic and (re)creative space in Berlin-Friedrichshain dedicated to urban cultures and grassroots communities through exhibitions, DIY workshops, an art store and a large outdoor garden with mobile streetfood units.

Urban Spree is built around artists whose work is inspired by or is part of the City. Artists come from a wide variety of backgrounds and origins (street artists, photographers, plasticians, sculptors, illustrators, authors, architects, urban planners, musicians) and are aiming to capture the mutations of their environment in their work.

Our shop aims to bring a sense of those mutations through a selected offer of photobooks, art books, street art prints, and magazines mainly devoted to street/urban photography, architecture and graffiti/street art, including some out-of-print, rare photobooks.

Limited editions of products and artworks are released from time to time on the shop from the Artists'Lab, a collaborative space where artists create unique products for the shop and craft the « Made in Berlin » coolness and savoir-faire.


Urban Spree

Revaler Str x Warschauer Str
10245 Berlin
Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/Nd8Um